About Bird's

Bird's custard powder brings you custard just the way you like it and there's no feeling quite like making your own!
Our heritage stretches back to 1837 when Bird's custard powder was invented by Alfred Bird, and it is still loved by generations today.
Bird's is best known for the original custard powder, that gives you the power to create homemade custard perfect for you and your family.

Original Custard Powder

Our original custard powder,  because there's no feeling quite like making your own!

Trifle Mixes

Make delicious trifles just the way your family loves them with Bird's trifle mixes.

Available in Strawberry, Raspberry and Chocolate flavours !

Dream Topping

Bird's Dream Topping is a great standby to have in the cupboard. It stays firm after whipping unlike cream and has multiple uses from trifle topping to simply serving with fruit.

Available as Standard and No Added Sugar variants.

Instant Custard

Bird’s Instant Custard is our loved custard but much easier to make. Just need to add water! 

Available as Standard and No Added Sugar variants.

Bird's Semolina

A reminder of those School Days lunches... perfect with a dollop of jam!

Also, the secret to perfect crunchy roast potatoes!


Can you make up Bird's Traditional Custard Powder with other milk sources?

Good news!  Yes it will - Bird's Original Custard Powder will thicken up with dairy alternatives such as Goats Milk, Soya Milk, Rice Milk and Lactose Free Milk. 
However, when using milk alternatives the flavour of the finished custard will be changed.

Is Bird's Custard Powder Gluten Free?

As a responsible manufacturer, we will only confirm if a product is gluten free when we hold current analytical test information. This is not the case for Bird's Custard Powder at this moment in time due to our current manufacturing processes and operations.

However, I am able to confirm that the Bird's Custard products listed below do not have any gluten containing ingredients in their recipe with controls in place to minimise the risk of cross contamination with gluten-containing ingredients:

• Bird's Custard Powder 250g, 300g & 350g
• Bird's Custard Powder 600g

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